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Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions


Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions is Australia’s first and largest Indigenous owned & operated Fleet Management Company.  We provide bespoke vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions across Australia for all types of requirements, in all types of environments, for all types of commercial and industrial applications.


Strategic Partnerships

Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions has developed a network of strategic partnerships across Australia to deploy and support vehicles into every corner of the country.  From our Nation’s largest cities to the most remote construction locations throughout our country, Kooya is your partner to deliver on your fleet, construction and transport vehicle needs.

Our unique strategic partnership with Toyota Fleet Management allows us to deliver the full range of fleet management services including breakdown, maintenance management, etolling and infringement management, along with state of art fleet reporting.

We also offer a full range of finance options, including novated leases, with terms structured to suit your requirements.

Kooya is the only fleet partner you will ever need to keep your business moving, your fleet working and your costs down.

Indigenous Engagement

Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions is a Supply Nation certified supplier and leasing vehicles through Kooya will satisfy corporate social responsibility and fulfill legal obligations under the Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy. Supporting a Supply Nation certified supplier contributes to a prosperous & sustainable Indigenous enterprise sector and 5% of profits generated are channelled back into Aboriginal communities.

Do you have a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program in place for your organisation? Supporting Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions will help you achieve certain outcomes of your plan and succeed in your reconciliation commitment. Your commitment will ultimately contribute to improving relationships and greater respect between Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders and other Australians.

Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions offers a total range of innovative and competitive vehicle leasing solutions while providing outstanding levels of customer service and contributing to a better Australia.

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