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When your Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions lease contract comes to an end the vehicles need to be returned as arranged prior to the lease ending period. The vehicles will need to be returned in a satisfactory condition relative to the vehicle’s age, kilometres and overall condition. Before the lease contract expires speak to Kim or Sharna regarding options available to your business.


End of Lease Options

♦ Replace your Fleet 

Towards the end of your lease contract, we will contact you to review the current agreement and advise the best options for your business. If you require new vehicles for your fleet we can easily swap them over when you return your current vehicles. The transition will be easy & seamless to allow you to continue operating your business to its full potential.

♦ Extend or modify existing contract

When your current lease contract expires you have the option to extend or modify the lease agreement depending on your requirements. Speak to the team at Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions to decide on the best option for your business.

♦ Purchase the current lease vehicles

At the end of lease contract you or someone you know has the option of purchasing the vehicles. Once you have decided not to extend or modify the current lease the vehicles are available for sale. To discuss what is involved with this process please call Kim or Sharna on 1300 .

♦ Returning the lease vehicles

At the end of the lease, Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions will arrange a time and location for the vehicles to be returned. All items supplied with the vehicles will also need to be returned such as accessories, keys and services books. Any damages to the vehicle will be noted and a thorough inspection report will be completed based on the information available in the Australian Fleet Lessors Association’s Fair Wear and Tear Guide. The guide summarises the degree of deterioration judged to be reasonable at the end of a lease contract.

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