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Kooya (Kweryah) is the name for frog in the Balladong dialect (moonogal mi – sound of the Eastern People) and is also the totem of the Bennell Family Clan. The Bennell family can trace its links back to Meenial and Bennial who were the two old man and women of the Bennell Moorit (family). Hence the name Bennell is an anglicised version of the original Benniel.

Gnitj Benniel a kulungah, gnuny kwell Collard moorit (The Collard family are decedents of these two old people Meenial and Benniel and we can trace our links back long before the tall ships arrived on the shores of the Derbarl Yerrigan – the Swan River).The Bennell family are a large family group that belong to the Balladong Clan of the Nyoongar Nation of the South West of Western Australia.

Kweryah the Frog is a ‘Healer or Walbraniny’ and many of the Bennell clan are good speakers of the Nyoongar language. This frog has got special power to heal and harm and he is the barometer of the ecology (noonook Kweryah wangkiny, noonook boodjar mooditjil). If you hear the frog talking you know the land is in balance and healthy.

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