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Introducing Kim and Sharna Collard


Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions is a family owned West Australian based Indigenous business and is led by a well renowned and valued member of the community.

Principal Executive Officer, Kim Collard

A highly respected and influential member of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Community, Mr Kim Collard is a Balladong/Wilmen man of the Nyoongar Nation. Kim has been the Director of his own consultancy firm for the last 11 years, Kooya Consultancy, which delivers Aboriginal education and training to all sectors of the community. Recently the Kooya group of companies have diversified and has established Kulbardi – “Australia’s largest Aboriginal owned business and office supplier” and now Kim manages Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions – “Australia’s largest Aboriginal fleet management company”.

Client Manager, Sharna Collard

The daughter of Kim Collard, Sharna is a Ballardong/Wilmen woman of the Noongar nation on her Fathers side. Sharna has experience with Aboriginal Government agencies and has had a stint of FIFO, working around WA. She has been working alongside Father Kim Collard for the past 5 years, predominately being involved in the Kooya Consultancy business where she is responsible for Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training and Education for organisations. Sharna is responsible for strategic business development and manages client relationships for Kooya Fleet Solutions.
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