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Fleet Management Services

The fleet management services that Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions offer are tailored to meet the requirements of clients to satisfy business needs and budgets. Our services will allow you to maximise your fleet’s potential and help keep your business moving. We will tailor packages with a range of our services that are appropriate for each customer. We offer bespoke contract inclusions and exclusions, as we know one size does not always fit all.

Kooya Australia’s Fleet Management services include:

♦ Fleet Mechanical Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions knows its critical to keep your vehicles on the road and preventive maintenance is the key. The vehicles must be maintained regularly – including servicing, tyres, windscreens and batteries and must managed by an authorised serviced agent.

♦ Vehicle Registration & Traffic Infringements

Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions provides support and co-ordinates vehicle licensing and registration renewals along with any vehicle inspections and plate changes. Traffic infringements are managed in a prompt and timely manner and recorded for monthly reporting.

♦ Roadside Assistance

For customers including roadside assist in their fleet package this provides driver’s with 24/7 assistance from
RAC – 1800 101 022

♦ Accident Management

In the event of an accident Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions can manage the process and provide assistance with claims and repairs through Thrifty’s in-house AUS Smash Repair business. Including accident management into your fleet contract can minimise the impact to your business. Please contact Kim or Sharna first to discuss the required procedure.

♦ Vehicle acquisition and disposals

Due to our relationship with Toyota Fleet, Kooya Australia Fleet Solutions can source the right vehicles for your business at the right prices and advise when vehicles need replacing. Simultaneously, we can handle the disposal of vehicles at the end of the lease.

♦ Replacement vehicles

Our connection with Toyota Fleet allows us to have access to a variety of hire vehicles for short term use.  If you need additional fleet for short term projects or your lease vehicles are out of action, we are able to supply fit-for-purpose hire vehicles, to keep your business moving.

♦ Reporting

All your lease expenses are consolidated into a monthly comprehensive report or we can provide tailored reporting systems and KPI’s based on your requirements.

♦ Fuel

Fuel cards are not part of our standard lease packages but can be arranged and assigned to each fleet vehicle on request. Fuel cards allow you to keep track of fuel purchased and monitor fuel consumption per vehicle.

♦ Insurance

Allow us to arrange comprehensive and competitive insurance quotes from our preferred insurance partners. And due to our long standing relationships with our suppliers we can generally source the best rates for our customers.

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